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The Maison began parallel to the industrial boom with the invention of stylish travel trunks that redefined the art of travelling. The Maison perpetuates this pioneering spirit by showcasing the exceptional skills of the artisans, special orders and pushing the boundaries of craft.

Reseen today with modern sensibilities, Moynat’s contemporary trunks are covered with the maison’s most prized materials. Each trunk reflects the symbolic archival references of the Maison, featuring evenly spaced studs, dyed leather cuff edges, goatskin lining and clasps inspired by the historical trunk models. The lightness inherited from the wicker structure of the English Trunk (1873), the graceful and curved shape of the legendary Limousine Trunk (1902), the ingenious curvature of the Wheel Trunk (1906) as well as the sense of proportion and the art of finishing are all an infinite source of inspiration for the Maison. 

Moynat’s essence lies at the crossroads between functional innovation and uncompromising savoir faire. Within this exigence lies a freedom of individuality to each Moynat piece, made for the inspired contemporary traveller.