Black & White Canvas



The Canvas M collection, in black and white featuring a new expression of the
archive monogram created in the 1920s by Henri Rapin, a fusion between the House's
traditional heritage and our ongoing commitment to contemporary innovation.

Testament to our dedication to quality craftsmanship, the production of our exclusive
Canvas M involves over 10 different steps, from exclusive weaving techniques to a final
coating that enhances color depth and amplifies the 3D effect. The Canvas M is
carefully elaborated in a natural and non-stretched cotton-linen blend that makes it
resistant and durable over time.

Iconic bag shapes from the House are reimagined in the Canvas M collection: Totes in
PM, MM, and GM sizes, 48h M, Mini 48h, Bucket Bag, Camera Bag, Besace Bag, and in
hard-sided versions like the Little Suitcase and Wheel. Complementing the offer,
Passport and Cardholders, as well as an emblematic Address Tag, are part of the

Available at all Moynat boutiques worldwide.

  • Besace Bag

  • Bucket Bag

  • Camera Bag

  • 48h M

  • Mini 48h

  • Small Leather Goods