The art of marquetry


  • A puzzle of traditions

    Marquetry, a unique and specialised technique best known in woodwork, has been applied to leather by Moynat and its skilled artisans. Like a puzzle, each piece needs to be expertly cut to fit exactly into the chosen motif.

  • A puzzle of traditions

    While it requires the extreme precision of the master craftsman, seeing a picture appear as each colorful piece comes into place is a joy to behold.

    • Hidden in plain sight

      Once the individual pieces are assembled into the complete design, they become undetectable to both the eye and the touch. Each marquetry creation is a nod to the Maison’s steadfast belief in tradition and craftsmanship, while opening new possibilities full of inherent humor and lightness of spirit.

    • A picture of the season

      Using leather marquetry as a pictorial technique, Moynat celebrates glamour and the art of elegance. Through its thematic collections, the House breathes vivacious life in witty and charming designs made to withstand the test of time and daily wear.

    • Joy ride

      The history of Moynat mirrors that of the automobile. A game changer in the 20th century, the automobile was a means of travelling great distances in a short time with one’s possessions. Who better to fit these works of mechanical art than a master of trunk making craft such as Moynat? Just as the curves of these first trunks fit those of the vehicle it was custom made for, so does every piece of leather in the designs of the first Moynat marquetry collection – a collection celebrating a unique bond that travelled through space and time.

    • Charming heritage

      Leather marquetry is a technique so versatile that it is not limited to statement pieces. Take the whimsy and history of Moynat wherever you go, in the shape of a marquetry macaron, the perfect seasonal or thematic accent.

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