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Mini Vanity

  • Voyage through history

    The Mini Vanity is a creation that travels through the past, the present and the future,” says artistic director Ramesh Nair.

    Small in size but large in heritage, it is the true heir to Moynat’s 167-year heritage as luxury trunk maker.

  • Voyage through history

    Its ancestor is the award-winning “malle en maroquin rouge” captured hearts and minds at the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts decoratifs et industriels modernes in Paris

    • Form and function

      A perfect cube, the Mini Vanity is not only a demonstration of the House’s skills. This minimal yet perfectly proportioned miniature trunk is an unconventional evening bag.

    • Perfect angles

      The Mini Vanity is unique in its use of angle stitching technique, here applied in a miniaturized environment. With their edges painted and waxed many times over, layers ofcarefully prepared leather are positioned at a perfect right angle, then stitched together with a single linen thread. A jewel-like metal lock completes its impeccable geometry.

    • From leather to lace

      Its perfect proportions are the perfect canvas on which the House’s techniques can be expressed in full freedom. From leather marquetry to meticulous perforations that transform leather into lace, new liveries and patterns reveal the House’s rich history while being resolutely contemporary.
      Hundreds of meticulous perforations transform smooth leather into pieces of perfect lace, which later adorn the Perforated Mini Vanity.
      As new liveries and patterns are revealed, so is what makes the House of Moynat so unique: a rich history combined to the most exacting craftsmanship, all in service of refined luxury.

    • A masterpiece

      The intricacies of the craft and precision necessary to create the Mini Vanity cast a defining light on this exceptional object - a delight for the connoisseur. A technical marvel that can only be crafted by master artisans, the Mini Vanity embodies not only the Moynat identity but also its future. Its cubic shape serves as the ideal foundation on which to challenge speciality techniques and the finest materials. Also available in precious crocodile and lizard skins, it is an heirloom for today and tomorrow.

  • Mini-Vanity

    Small structured evening bag in Natural Cow leather. Amber goatskin lining.

    Also available in exotic skins (crocodilians).

    Permanent Colours : Black, Taupe, Mahogany Brown, Pacific, Saffron Yellow, Pale Pink

    • Dimensions
      12 × 12 × 12 cm
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