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  • Story

    Few Houses can claim as intimate a relationship with a world changing invention as Moynat.

  • Story

    As the automobile changed the world at the turn of the 20th century, the House applied its expertise to produce the trunks that followed the evolving lifestyle of its clientele. From spare wheel carrier to sliding compartments along the side, new designs followed desires and dreams on the road.

  • Story

    First among these innovations was the Limousine trunk, with its distinctive curve designed to espouse the contours of an automobile, without the use of a metal rack. Patented in 1902, this unique model was never copied.

    • A beautiful trajectory

      A distinctive curve set the Limousine apart from all others. True to Pauline Moynat’s desire to respect the aesthetics and design of the automobile, this patented innovation allowed the House to offer a harmonious fit between a vehicle and its trunk. A respect for tradition heightened by a quest for innovation.

    • Mastery of artful details

      Lovingly made by hand by master artisans, the Limousine is an ode to “made in France” craftsmanship. Its wooden frame, a technical feat protected by a patent, gives it the curved edge that instantly identifies it. Its leather-covered edges are studded with dozens of tightly-spaced brass tacks. No less than a thousand individual nails, spaced 10 millimeters apart instead of the craft’s traditional 16 millimeters, provide the discrete signature that has spelled Moynat for over a century.

    • The modern traveller

      A modern counterpart to the illustrious Limousine trunk, the Limousine bag embodies the same ethos: to elegantly follow the traveler on whatever journey awaits. Wrapped in supple Taurillon Gex leather and lined with sumptuous goatskin, its sensuous top line is a playful echo of the iconic bottom curve of its ancestor, while the solid metal lock ensures peace of mind for the treasures enfolded in its roomy interior.

    • Top brass

      An engraved brass T-lock, an engineering achievement stemming back from 1911, graces each Limousine briefcase. Strong and powerful, its robust architecture finds resonance in the beauty of the lines, the grain of the leathers, the richness of the textures, marshalling all senses into harmonious equilibrium.

  • Limousine

    Soft city bag in Taurillon Gex leather. Amber goatskin lining.

    Permanent Colours : Black, Taupe, Tourterelle, Burgundy

    • Dimensions
      30 × 13 × 20 cm
  • Limousine Voyage

    Soft travel bag in Taurillon Gex leather. Cotton canvas lining. Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap (textile and leather).

    Permanent Colours : Black, Slate, Forest Green

    • Dimensions
      45 × 30 × 20 cm
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