Much like the precious relationship between artisanal creator and artistic creation, the bond between owner and the Moynat object is particularly personal. Each order placed is an invitation to experience not only exceptional leathers goods but also remarkably special care.

Since 1849, the House has decorated clients’ names and family crests onto globe-trotting trunks. This intimate tradition of hand painted emblems resonates to this day. Eschewing stencils, each letter is individually hand painted in Moynat’s Parisian studio in either an archival font from the House’s history or a design newly imagined for the owner.

Vintage Moynat trunks - Moynat archives Hand-painted initials on Moynat vintage trunk - circa 1925, Moynat archives


Moynat continues Pauline Moynat’s curious sense of wonder in limited edition collaborations that excite as much as they inspire. Each special order, in fact, harkens back to the House’s founding spark of animation: a unique blend of tradition and imagination, where exquisite details and peerless craftsmanship take shape.

Often, handmade designs will begin as a beautiful rencontre between the House and a respected artist, such as Moynat’s macaron trunk for master pâtissier Pierre Hermé, and become a motor for innovation and uncompromising creation. Others, such as the Bicycle Trunk, a uniquely-tapered picnic case that perfectly cradles a bike’s front wheel, are works of high craftsmanship that titillate and amaze by revealing our unrealized dreams.