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Founding of the house of Moynat during the great era of rail travel and the creation of the French railway network. The first workshop set up at 13, rue Capron in Paris.


First patent for a sturdy waterproof canvas coated with Gutta Percha, a tropical sap, which guaranteed that trunks were completely watertight.


Opening of the first boutique facing the Comédie Française, at 5, place du Théâtre Français. With the inauguration of the avenue de l’Opéra nine years later, the Moynat store would occupy the corner at Number 1.


Invention of the light-weight Moynat wicker trunk, named Malle Anglaise (English trunk). This trunk was subsequently improved and a new patent filed in 1889.


The first range of ladies’ handbags and “sacs mignons”, with chamois linings, created by Pauline Moynat.


First overnight bag for automobiles.


Advertisement published in “Le Théâtre” illustrated papers.


Creation of the limousine trunk for automobiles, with a concave bottom that closely follows the rounded roof of the car. Five patents registered.


The Moynat boutique at 1 avenue de l’Opéra during the Paris visit of the Royal Family of Italy (October 14-18).


Invention of the trunk with glides, for automobiles. These glides raise the trunk, preventing damage to the carriage roof and ensuring a circulation of air that avoids build up of moisture between the roof and the luggage.


First participation in the Paris Automobile Show.


Patent registered for the hat box trunk for automobiles.


Start of the collaboration with artist Henri Rapin. Creation of the luggage sticker with a train motif.


Construction of the model factory at 15, rue Coysevox, Paris, built on 5 floors, 250 artisans worked 1909 onwards.


Invention of the extra-light, unbreakable trunk.


Moynat exhibits in London a chest designed as a footrest and containing a mobile buffet table. Having participated in the Universal Exhibition since 1867, Moynat was a member of the jury in Turin in 1911 and received two First Prizes in Gand in 1913.


Moynat trunks, individually shaped to fit the rear of the automobiles. All Moynat trunks are provided with a cover and hood.


Introduction of the Moynat Initial canvas designed by Henri Rapin, a pattern of repeating M’s, which was to become the discreet and elegant signature of the house.


The red, morocco leather trunk designed by Henri Rapin, with a frieze of studs encircling palm leaves in blue leather, earns the Certificate of Honour at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris in 1925. This trunk was awarded 13 medals at the exhibition.


Invention of the “New Moynat Automobile Trunk” with innovations such as side-loading cases, which gave a new shape to the rear silhouette of automobiles.


Image of the Collection published in the magazine “Illustration”.


Moynat re-opens its doors at 348 rue Saint Honoré, 5 minutes away its historic boutique.

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